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When your feeling tired and uninspired, take your mind HIGHER!

I'll be honest with you, I never really had a driving force in my life.

Now.......... I've had passions and hobbies but nothing inside me that made me want to take them further. I have had jobs and even some career worthy jobs but again I never felt that urge to take them to the next level. That's not to say I wasn't an active participant in my life and if I can say so, I have always been very intuitive and creative; even out of the box, with how I approached marketing myself and whatever project I was working on. But you know that spark that some people have, that makes talking to them about their career that leaves you inspired and captivated and completely intoxicated with renewed energy for what you want to do within your own life...........yeah, I didn't have that.


I became a mother. With my first child, I had this drive to just learn as much as possible to help him and help myself and help others. I was inspired by baby wearing and became a tester/blogger for companies to review their carriers and became a local go-to person for anything baby wearing related! I enjoyed all aspects of attachment/gentle parenting and researched and read everything I could on breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and gentle discipline. I wanted to help other mothers going through similar things as me so I bought books and books and followed the doula reading list as I thought that was the path my life was going. You should see my parenting library!

With my second child, I had the near crippling realization that I have done "nothing" with my life. I have always been very maternal, ask my parents. So when I became a SAHP I felt completely fulfilled. I was truly lacking nothing. However, all of that security left me when my second child came along. I felt confused and claustrophobic in my role. I felt a sense of urgency I have NEVER experienced before to do something more, BE something more. Not for myself but the need to provide for my children in a long lasting financial way was imprinted on my brain and heart so fiercely. 

My current issue is I have ideas for days and solid plans to implement them. However the fear of just beginning, has paralyzed me into taking ANY action other than what is played out in my mind. 

So where does a person go when they don't even know where to begin?


Now since my mind is all over the place my self-help books focus on everything from the right mindset, business and branding, and overall inspiration. These are my current favorites and I needed the reminder again at just how much they help me. Do you have any favorites from my list or your own?

BOSS UP- Lindsey Teague Moreno

Lindsey is most well known for building a multi-million dollar income within 2 years of working with Young Living Essential oils. Now a serial entrepreneur and multiple book author Lindsey is an inspiration to many woman within Direct Sales companies and woman everywhere that their dreams are possible.

Ill be honest with you I am on chapter 7 of 13 and I'm not sure what I was expecting when I bought this book but it has exceeded that exponentially. I bought this book not knowing who LTM was but I knew I wanted to start my own business and this books tagline is "This ain't your mama's business book". When someone knows their audience it's like they don't even have to try!! I love books that have actionable steps and fill in the blanks and there is a lot here. Not just filler either these questions and steps really push you to your goals, your focus, what you want out of your business, your brand, your social media presence but also your life!! If you only get one book from this list this would be my recommendation!!


I went to my first John Maxwell LIVE2LEAD event last year and I witnessed firsthand Rachel Hollis speaking her truth to inspire other leaders. After I left that conference I immediately went and purchased this book!  I am on chapter 11 of 20 and what I like most about her book is that every chapter sounds like a conversation; which is funny because when I was in college my biggest literary critique from professors was that I write like I speak. Lo and Behold people actually like that form of the written word!! More than anything what stops me from fulfilling my dreams is the fear that I will ultimately fail so I self sabotage before I even begin; to protect myself from that "eventual" heartache. The thing that really grabbed me about Rachel's book was again the tagline "STOP BELIEVING THE LIES ABOUT WHO YOU ARE SO YOU CAN BECOME WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE"! How powerful is that? We get programmed sometimes to believe lies about ourselves from other people and even lies we tell ourselves about who we are that sometimes we feel they are our truths, but to break free from that we really need to look in the mirror and be open to self reflection and recognition of the true versions of who we are.

THE 4-HOUR WORK-WEEK- Timothy Ferris

EVERYONE has heard of this book either peripherally or otherwise. This is probably the only book on this list that I bought just because I'm supposed to have it. The problem is I bought this at a time where I was a SAHP so I didn't feel this had information that could help me with my life. This seems something that would help "corporates" or business owners streamline their business so they could work anywhere. I felt I didn't have a service to offer anyone to establish a remote business so while there are tips and information that is valuable at this current stage I haven't found much to be actionable. This may also be because I am still learning my true strengths, so I am keeping it in my self help library because it is a dream goal to be financial secure with a lifestyle I am dreaming of and not having to kill myself working 100 hours a week to do it!

BIG MAGIC- Elizabeth Gilbert

I don't have a single woman friend who has not read (or at least watched) Eat, Pray, Love. Who doesn't want a life changing, globe trotting, romantic swept off your feet love story!!! This book is less autobiographical storybook and more inspirational to get you to where you want to be. She breaks down Big Magic into 6 parts: Courage, Enchantment (this is the section I am on), Permission, Persistence, Trust, and Divinity. The goal of each chapter is to help you establish CREATIVE LIVING BEYOND FEAR. Are you starting to see a trend with my choice of self-help books? I sure am!! I think the thing that intrigues me the most about this book is that its not really a " you know your strengths and goals, so here is what you do to achieve them" book. It really is more reflective and having you tap into the things that inspire your passions, your creative self, the self that inspires others by just living it's truth. It's finding whatever "that" is and seeing if through that you can still achieve the life you envision for yourself.


How to stop worrying about what you should do, so you can finish what you need to do, and start doing what you want to do. Man, do I appreciate a straight talking self-help guru!! "Let's quit messing around with all the other fluff you put in your way, to keep yourself busy but not actually working towards anything. Which in actuality just makes you a busy procrastinator for the real things you want to accomplish in your life!!" If there was ever a truer statement to how I have been living my life it is this!!! To figure out how to get your sh*t together Sarah Knight first lets you in on what she means when she talks about getting your sh*t together. Then you further dive into the small sh*t, the tough sh*t, and lastly the deep sh*t. Let me tell you this book put me on a path, now; it is a path I will have to revisit to keep my sh*t together but it truly helped me immensely just get started and declutter my brain and all around me so that I could put my focus on what I really want. If I would recommend a book to read FIRST, this would be it!!

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