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Is your homeschool driving you crazy? Take back your sanity with these 3 steps!!

Updated: May 26, 2020

This quarantine got me like "Whoa"!! And, that's coming from a homeschooler and a teacher!

You would think I would have lessons and schedules out the wazoo......


I was blindsided like the rest of the world with school age children. What I needed to do was remember why I started to homeschool in the first place years ago and how my son processed information. So I had to go back to the beginning ; sift through my notes and books to find the harmony and peace of mind I so desperately needed.

As I was doing all that I realized many families do not have notes on how to homeschool. Many do not even know where to begin.

So I created a foundations Ebook on how to start your homeschool journey even after you have already begun! This Ebook will cover how to choose your curriculum, what your ultimate purpose and intentions are, and so much more!

So whether your journey ends soon or this was the push you needed to "officially" become a homeschooler; it is my hope that my three step ebook will give you some clarity, tips, and will allow you the knowledge that if ever you are in this position again you will have the confidence to know you can do this!

For most who homeschool, it was a choice they made. Whether they wanted control over what their children learned, or their children were being left behind due to behavior or other disabilities. That being said, every person who homeschools will have a very different approach to how they homeschool. It is my belief that homeschool shouldn't look like "regular" school at all. After all isn't that why you chose to homeschool in the first place? The rules and regulations, the rigidity that doesn't allow creativity and natural curiosity over personal interests; so why would you try to bring that ultimate structure into your home? I realize for most people though the familiarity of that environment is the easiest to fall back on; but the beauty of homeschool is it can look ANYWAY and still be educational and fun! Absorbtion and learning can happen in so many forms, through so many activities!

I truly hope my ebook allows you to take control of your own power as an educator and as a parent. You ARE in control of your environment, you HAVE the knowledge and observation to really tailor your homeschool to the individual needs of your child(ren). Everyday can look completely different from the day before and still be HIGHLY engaging and have value to your overall progress.

Remember, for the most part, homeschool is technically year round. You are not bogged down by timelines. You have the ability to really access progression and assessments of skills through 365 days. You can take your time! Everyday we are given a new opportunity for learning, some days may just be 30 min and others may last 4 hours or more.

After reading and using my ebook, you WILL have the confidence to know exactly how you want your homeschool life to look. I promise the simple three step process will give you the framework to really take back control, give you the sanity and peace of mind you need to remember, there is no "wrong way" to homeschool.


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