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Daily Routine for Worlds OKAYEST Mom

Updated: May 26, 2020

I’ve never been one for schedules. I have always really struggled with doing the same thing at the same time every day. As soon as I graduated high school, I really didn’t start my day before eight in the morning (ok it was probably closer to 10) and quite honestly I still don’t. Im lucky that neither of my children are early risers so this also works in my favor. That being said I’m hitting my mid thirties and quite honestly have been trying to get my sh** together. Not only my mental loads but also my physical loads. Know I can’t keep a rigid schedule, I’m just not that type of person but for the last couple of months I’ve been trying to get some form of a daily schedule together. Not only for my well being and stress levels but also for my children. So every day I try to accomplish a small list of things that make me feel like I’m not completely failing at life or somehow losing at the stay at home parent game. Most readers may not have my same lifestyle however they may have a similar level of anxiety, depression, or just general laziness ( no judgement, I wake up tired!) so this list may also be beneficial to anyone who is really just trying to get by the daily grind. These are in no particular order, I just really have a to-do list and check them off throughout the day whenever I can manage to fit them in.

OIL PULL FOR DENTAL HEALTH- I recently came across the benefits to oil pulling. Basically I take small spoonful of cold pressed coconut oil and swish it around my mouth for 3-5 minutes, it becomes quite toxic the longer you swish so be sure not to swallow any once you start.  I actually stop swishing once the texture of the oil has changed it becomes gradually to me. Then I spit it out in the trash can, so you don't end up clogging your sink.. It has helped with bad breath, whitening my teeth, and moisturizing my lips. Here is the Pinterest pin I found that helped break down the benefits.

MAKE THE BEDS- Even if the rest of the rooms are a wreck when I walk in the room and see the bed made, it makes me feel better. I try and do this first thing in the morning. On the plus side if I wanna change the world I've gotta start with the little things, so there is that small hope I’m making strides to a better life!! Truly though accomplishing that small feat does lead me to accomplish the next small feat.

FOLLOW MY KIDS 4 STEP MORNING/NIGHT ROUTINE- I found this amazing morning/night routine printable from one of my favorite blogs I follow, and it has done wonders having a visual routine chart for my son (and myself, lets be real here). The four steps go as follows for the morning; Brush your teeth, brush your hair, wash your face, put on clothes, and make your bed. The nighttime routine is: Get in pajamas, wash your face, brush your teeth, go potty, and read a book.

LAUNDRY- I make it a point to wash, dry, fold, and put away ONE load of laundry, if I’m feeling extra energized I will try for two full loads. Leaving the bulk or whatever remains for the weekend.

ORGANIZE/DELETE MY INBOX- Honestly this one is really hard for me to do regularly, I try to spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day going through my inbox. I was one of those people who at one point had over 20,000 emails (you read that right) and it left me with such a subconscious mental burden that I just deleted the whole thing without reading a single one!! Now I’m back to 200 and I really need to delegate time for this. It seems silly but when my email box is empty it frees space in my mental inbox!

OUTSIDE TIME/ ONE HOUR- This isn’t just for me but also for my kids. Sometimes this hour is broken in increments due to the day. Im not ashamed to say my family spends a lot of time in front of some type of screen, so making sure we take the time to just unplug outside has genuinely made a difference in our overall family happiness. So I make sure to be present with them and give them my full attention as well as playing with them. Not thinking of this as a chore but as real bonding time. Being a Tinkergarten leader and having my children participate in those nature classes has really instilled the importance of this nature exploration and fun for all of us!

QUIET TIME- This used to be nap time, now quiet time happens whenever I feel we all are too wound up or having too many tantrums close together. This gives me time to work on MMB material, or we use that time to read, I have some quiet toys, or we just use that time to try a new experiment, or play don’t break the ice. All activities don’t necessarily need to be quiet after all I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old.

DISHES- oh how I loathe thee!!! However, if I make it a point to keep my sink empty, at least doing all the dishes before I go to bed; my mornings are a thousand times less stressful. It is never fun waking up, having to wash a sink full of dishes.

Honestly, some days even this small list is a huge feat for me. Maybe its my anxiety and depression, maybe its because I’m at a stage in my parenting life where my children want my undivided attention 24-7; I don’t know. To some of you this list may seem ridiculous but for me Im OKAY with being OKAY.

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