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Make-up Cargo Pants: AKA How to Make Day-Old-Makeup Work for Early Morning Drop Off

Updated: May 26, 2020

In a past chapter of my life I was a makeup artist, even made it as a cover MUA for a magazine!!

Through this field I ended up having a short lived stint as an “everyday makeup” tutorial guide. I worked with moms, surviving cancer patients, business professionals, etc. One of my favorite classes to teach and the one with the most feedback was my CARGO PANT makeup kit.

Everyone knows about cargo pants. They aren’t always the best looking but they are functional and have pockets for days, holding whatever you may need. Chapstick? Thats in the left front pocket. Bottle water? bottom calf pocket. Tissues? back right. 3 yards of rope, a match, and a carabeener? Right knee pocket. You see? All the essentials for whatever can come your way. Thats what my cargo pant makeup kit is. A few simple multifunctional products for whatever you may need.

So, here are the 6 items you MUST have in your cargo pants:

VITAMIN “C” under eye cream– this powerful little pick me up is perfect for those days when you forgot your morning coffee and are doing morning drop off in your pj’s. Its not a miracle cream but it will help diffuse the puffiness under your eyes and make you look less like you spent the night with the undertaker and more like you had at least 6 hours of sleep. (I got a sample bottle of this, which I love: but you can find any version within your price range)

VASELINE– I love having vaseline in my kit because it works as a mascara refresher!!! Just put a little on the outer side of your pointer finger and brush your lashes until your lashes/mascara soften. BAM!! Now you’ve refreshed your mascara and moisturized your lashes!! If you hook your finger you’ll have a larger surface area to work, instead of just using your finger bed. (I prefer these little travel tins, much more discreet to put in a purse)

BLACK EYELINER, pencil- as a caveat you should also invest in a pencil sharpner. So you slept in your makeup and are running late to work, no problem you can give your self a daytime smokey eye with last nights smudges. Just reapply your eyeliner on your top lid (no need to go all Amy Whinehouse), less is more. Then take your finger and smudge it out. Finesse the under eye smudge to minimize the raccoon look and your good to go! Use the layering approach: line, smudge, check, line, smudge, check. (any brand of pencil will do)

CREAM SHADOW, neutral- purchase this product in neutral pink or bronze color. You can use this multiple ways, as an eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, and/or lipstick. By getting a cream or cream to powder you are able to get a more even coverage, especially since most of the work will be done with your finger. (this is the exact one I use)

CHAPSTICK– for a lot of us, using actual make-up is incredibly intimidating but chapstick seems to bridge the gap. So if you don’t like color on your lips just use your trusty chapstick. No one needs Sahara dry lips. Matching your lips to your climate is just not the business!!! (good ol’ faithful)

TRANSLUCENT POWDER– now I have combination/oily skin so for me this must be included. A few whisps on my t-zone help turn my face from oil change recovery victim to slightly more presentable. With this product I do have a powder brush. I prefer the brush over the sometimes included cotton pad because like I said the oil spots on my face could make me look like a patchwork road otherwise. (this is great even for those that don’t like “make-up”, there is no color so it just goes on smooth, matte,  and evens everything out. If you end up looking like casper you have used too much, the key word for this is translucent!)

CINNAMON*– you read that right!!! if a cream shadow just isn’t your jam, try this all natural make-up hack. I must warn this is a less is more situation and needs to be applied in layers; however you can use it as an eyeshadow, a blush, or even a lip color. If you don’t mind using the cream shadow then you’ve just learned how to do an all natural bronzer when your in a pinch!! (McCormicks for the win)

BRUSHES*– now I don’t feel brushes are completely necessary for your cargo pants BUT if you want to add them I suggest, a powder brush, an eye shadow brush, maybe a blush brush if you think you need. If you include the cinnamon then I would also suggest a kabuki brush but that’s only if you wanna get real fancy with it. (you can get as fancy as you want but it doesn’t have to be.)

I love having my cargo pants kit handy, so keep this in your car console, your diaper bag, the ‘big” purse, or your back pack. Perfect for all types of woman, all professions, any or non existent make-up experience, and just plain ol’handy for any type of “trying not to look like death” situation!

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