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Florals for Spring, How Original....and other Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2020


Are you ready to sashay on the runway?........

Of your HALLWAY!!!!

Haha because we are all still in varying degrees of quarantine!

However, that is no reason to not look cute on those days you decide to wear "real clothes".

So as it is in fashion; trends recycle, and if you followed my Fall/Winter guide you might be able to reuse some of your existing wardrobe and still be on trend. Isn't that the best news for us frugal fashionistas!!

I think the trend I'm most excited to see, and y'all don't judge me is....


Bra/ Crop tops and their matching bottoms. I'm really looking forward to seeing this in it's chic night wear but the day time and transitional looks are just so fun. You can rock this look casual with high waisted palazzo pants, or you could go afternoon picnic with a midi skirt. How about drinks with the girls with a pair of joggers and heels or even work to happy hour with a day suit.

Have any of ya'll noticed the upswing of crochet lately? Maybe, it's because so many people no longer have excuses to not go after that hobby. I myself have 3 dusty skiens of yarn for an arm-weaving project (which I still have not touched this whole quarantine btw). None the less crochet is back in fashion......or is here?......still?......again?

So pull out those crochet tops and dresses as many runway shows were showcasing this handmade textile. What was really beautiful to see was using raffia as the crochet textile of choice as well. This trend was found in everything from accessories to complete ensembles.

I think this quarantine has really elevated loungewear/athleisure wear as an unintentional byproduct of being home all the time. So everything from tanks, hoodies, crop tops, button ups, with joggers, pants, shorts have been transformed with luxe fabrics all while keeping their casual feel. It's not just walking outside in acceptable leggings anymore. Having tailored loungewear in knitted fabrics or loose and satin; really our everyday "pajama" wear has been transformed.

Remember in my last fashion piece I told ya'll about tiered dresses? Well now we have moved on to sheer overlays. Now, this trend is not just for the ladies as sheer fabric made it's way onto men's runway shows as well. So will you go sans undergarments or have it paired over some pretty separates. Sheer made it's appearance in everything from tank tops to full dresses. So how much will you dare to bare???

Alright so I HATE Bermuda shorts but apparently others do not. There is however a trend I actually am looking forward to and that is the Bermuda short suit set. I have seen this in every length imaginable but the most common variation has the shorts anywhere between mid-thigh to just at knee level. I have seen tailored jackets and loose jackets, fitted shorts and relaxed shorts in fun prints or bright solids!! It has super fun, work appropriate, vacation style, night on the town versatility!

Speaking of shorts, who else is excited to bring back their Daisy Dukes or as they are now being called "hot pants". The trick here is to layer them over some ultra embroidered or lace patterned tights. Or, if you are young enough or laser haired enough go without tights!

A super fun way to bring those daisy dukes into 2020 would be to incorporate them in a new color. Highlighter neons are still lighting their way onto 2020 spring/summer runway shows all the way from summer 2019! Again, this trend is for both male and female fashionistas in all manner of separates.

This next trend is really perfect for anyone. Vests or waistcoats are actually coming in solid for spring and summer and I would venture to say they will run through into nice cozy fall looks this year as well. So you can go "night on the town" tailored chic or loose and casual. Whatever fits your personal style I would say go for it. I no longer really consider the vest a "trend" anyway. It's more of a fashion standard as it has been reinvented in almost every decade. One of my favorite and dare I say iconic waistcoat looks is in Labyrinth with Jennifer Connelly!!

Another great his and her trend seen on both runways was co-ordinates. Basically, the same print for your top and bottom pieces. Don't be afraid to go bold with this either especially since we are all slowly making our way outside of our homes and everyone wants to be noticed again!

And if you're looking to be noticed, tropical prints can be seen everywhere in every variation imaginable from just bold palms to intricate florals. Mix this print with a cute bowling shirt and you have a double fashion win for everyone. I personally love the new bowling shirt style, its got that same loose feel but hits right at your waist, I wouldn't say full crop but it's that middle mark right around the belly button area.

Before I close out this seasons fashion piece I have one last trend to let you all in on. Remember, that year where we all laughed at the now notorious pop couple and their Canadian tuxedo matching ensemble? Yeah, well we are all in it now because no joke denim on denim is here this spring/summer. Before, when wearing denim on denim there were all these rules of do's and dont's. The only "rule" here I will leave you with is if you want to slim an area wear a darker denim, if you want to highlight/accentuate an area then wear a lighter denim. Other than that runway shows had denim paired with patterned denim, and a now iconic denim look is the chambray shirt with white denim jeans. Fitted or loose it is all open to your personal style and is no longer a laughable style choice. So even if dear BritBrit and JT had the look over the top, the fact is it may have been the driving force of keeping denim on denim within the fashion forefront and experimenting with it to the point we now can wear this trend anywhere and any season.

And on that note I will end my fashion trend list. There are so many more I haven't covered so let me know which one you are most excited for or eager to see work on the street and not just the runway.

Hope you all take lots of mirror pictures because for a lot of us that's all who is gonna look at how amazingly awesome and fashion forward we are.

So have fun and take lots of selfies my quarantine queens!!!

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