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3 Stellar Outfits to Rock this Holiday Season

Updated: May 26, 2020

Whether it's a school function an after work mixer or a family holiday potluck, I think these three looks can help you stay cozy, comfortable, and festive this holiday season.

So if you read my last fashion article you'll know my fall and winter wardrobes follow a color scheme. This was in part because I tried the capsule wardrobe trend and wanted whatever I picked out to be able to work together. Also, if I'm honest my winter wardrobe has always been very limited in terms of how many articles of clothing I own; so by keeping a color scheme I've been able to upgrade or replace items as needed due to wear and tear, weight fluctuations, and budget, all while still looking put together.

Now, I am a dress person. I will wear a dress for every occasion. I even have a laundry day dress (you know what you wear when you finally attack that overflowing laundry basket mound).  So for me, this would be my school function outfit. I've had this dress for about 3 years and it never disappoints! I love pairing it with this crochet waterfall cardigan; the pattern on the cardigan breaks up the maroon color and provides me warmth during extended periods in a school lunch room or classroom.

Why are schools temperatures always set to freezing tundra?! This is a form fitting dress that I'm showcasing for Fall/Winter but really this dress stays in my closet all year round. It's great because it is made of t-shirt material with a lining and the sleeves go just above my elbow with the length hitting just below my knees. I have worn this dress by itself and some heels, or with a jean jacket and some sneakers, today I have paired it with some black 'leather' booties. For me, its just a really multi-functional dress! A good t-shirt dress never hurt; whether its form fitting or loose, its a must have piece!

This is a super fun "after work" mixer look. I love the mix of the "hard" leather jacket and boots alongside the feminine scallop detail of the skirt! This flannel is actually black, white, and green plaid so it pairs really nicely with the skirt as well. As I am five foot, I almost

always will opt to wear some form of heel but feel free to pair this with some flats. What is so great about this look is that after work all you have to do is add some accessories and switch out your shoes and your good to go! You really should just go in your closet and looking at things within the same color scheme ( I check Pinterest for color mood boards to help sometimes); you will be surprised at how many things pair well together even in different textures.

Sometimes we get so focused on only pairing items with what you bought together that we overlook potential style combinations.

I just recently purchased this skirt at H&M and it was a total splurge for me, but I couldn't pass it up because it was too eye catching and gorgeous!! Using a little throwback fashion nostalgia by pairing a sweater with  a long skirt we have this great look for a dinner party. It's casual enough to keep you comfortable all night long but adds just enough flash and a little extra holiday oomph to keep it fun and festive!  It's already a great look for Christmas and Kwanza and by switching up the colors this look would be just as beautiful in a white sweater and blue skirt for Hanukkah. I have actually worn this to a few other events this season such as the Live2Lead convention and it kept me warm, stylish, and memorable.

Hopefully, these looks helped spark your own creative fashion juices for your holiday festivities. I look forward to hearing how you pair casual and dressy pieces together for stand-out looks!

Merry Chrismahanukwanzikkah Everyone

Photoshoot location : St. Lukes Pumpkin patch
Photographer: Amy Wilson
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