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2019 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends and Fads

Updated: May 26, 2020

Hello fellow fashionistas!!! The seasons are a-changing and that means so does our wardrobe!!

So pull those coats from the back of the closet, dust off your capsule wardrobe winter box and get ready for all things cold!

Oh, wait. We live in West Texas, so be prepared for another month or two of hot and then 3 months of cold wet “winter”! womp womp

Ha! It’s ok that we live in our little fishbowl dust bowl because I am here to bring you all  that’s trendy this fall and winter from the runway to your everyday lives!

Our friends over at Kirby’s Kloset in Odessa have partnered with some familiar Midland Moms Bloggers to highlight some of this seasons trends that you can easily implement into your everyday wardrobe. So join me as I let you in on this years fashion scoop and then head over to Kirby’s Kloset for some winter fashion essentials!!

So first things first, monochromatic looks are going to be big this season. You may have already noticed some of your favorite celebrities sporting this super chic look. You can keep it super trendy by using different shades of the same color palette or you can look pulled together and chic using all of the same shade. The color most prominent on the runways for the mono look was pistachio green but don’t let that stop you from trying any color you like.

If your looking to make a statement at your next holiday party or special occasion; it’s all about the statement dress! Just think big and bold silhouettes…..DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA LADIES!! The runways were all about royalty purple as the “look at me” color this season if you needed more inspiration.

If you’re a fan of the fantasy genre, I have great news for you! Quite a few trends are really gonna be popping up this season, like capes and capelets for outer wear. So break out your renaissance faire because it’s totally gonna be street wear acceptable. Not only that but square necklines are super on trend. So all your gorgeous period shirts you save for LARP-ing or your D&D role playing can see the light of day too! HUZZAH!!!

Another style trend we have seen on the rise (if you’ve been in a Target the last few months should also have tipped you off) is the grunge look. Let’s think more of the early days of Gwen Steffani. But super bonus, and again tying into the monochromatic look, is that black on black on black is “so hot”.

Going back to outer wear; it’s all about floor length coats and I can’t believe I’m even typing this but the blanket/patchwork trend is back on. Legit runway shows have had models walking down in your grandmas thick winter comforter and a belt to cinch it in!! I kid you not; but if you’re brave enough to take the leap………….. DO IT!!

For those who work in an office all day; these are some of the super chic office to happy hour trends you can look forward to.

First, preppy is back in. For us 90’s babies think Cher Horowitz in Clueless or for the more mature set think Chanel tweed in its hay day. To bring tweed into a modern look for the 30 and under set; consider pairing that blazer with a matching mini skirt or shorts. Adding some wool tights and booties still make it weather wearable and work acceptable.

Some unconventional fabrics that could be making it into your office attire are sequins!! Think of pairing a sequin shirt with an office blazer and pointe pants for some pizzaz. Now satin may not necessarily be unconventional but it is making a big splash in daytime looks, so look for slip dresses, work blouses, and knee length skirts in this fabric.

Now a great trend for any body shape is tiered dresses!! The runways are showing these in all types of silhouettes from mini and long to high-low styles. So take your pick and choose which looks best for you.

This seasons top fads are:

MICROBAGS ( if it cant carry my car keys, my phone, some lipgloss, my money and a few credit cards comfortably; its too small for me)

FEATHERS (think of this for accessories like on a clutch or a pair of earrings, or go bold and have it as a skirt or dress)

BOLD SHOULDERS (yes the days of Dynasty and Dallas are coming back to haunt us, well some of us)

LEATHER TROUSERS (now if your eco conscious there are so many look alikes out there, so there’s no need to worry your pretty heart)

TIGHTS (oh yes even us over 30 sets can get on this band wagon. Try and keep the colors to the jewel tone family to make it age appropriate or just throw your hands up and go all in!)

Now I usually have a fall/winter color scheme I stick to. Usually my colors are my neutral trio (cream, black, and grey), mustard, maroon, navy blue, and hunter green. However, looking at the runways a lot of designers were still focusing on this summers bold colors and even adding neon in their winter lineups. So I say; it’s JUST FASHION!! Go as bold or demure as you want this season, almost anything is up for grabs.

Hopefully, these tips can help you revamp your wardrobe or just put new life in items you already own. Either way, Kirby’s Kloset can help you find the perfect piece or pieces to add to your wardrobe this year and with clothes sizes ranging from XS-L and XL-3X and shoe sizes ranging from 5.5 – 10 and AWESOME sales racks; there really is something for almost everyone!

Kirby’s Kloset is a charming and eclectic boutique owned by a mother and daughter team.
What started as a small business from the home of Janet Lawrence and Kirby Wood-Scott quickly outgrew their garage space to what we now know as the adorable Odessa boutique!
What sets Kirby’s apart is the fact that this mother and daughter team still hand pick their
inventory from trade shows annually. So you know you are constantly receiving items on trend and of amazing quality.
Also a super unique feature of their boutique is almost all furniture and decor can be purchased!!
While their store is only 7 years old, I hope it has a long lasting future here in our town.
I also want to personally thank the store Manager Morgan Caley and her styling team for their fashion knowledge and professionalism. The team was sweet, super friendly, and gave the extra boost of confidence we needed to rock all these amazing looks.
Honorable mention to our fantastic photographer Miss Pilar who came in the clutch and delivered stunning photo after stunning photo!

Models: Liz Jimenez, Heidi Kirk, Elissa Hickman, Chelsea Trickett

Photographer: Maria Del Pilar Chapa – http://www.mariadelpilarc.com

Clothes and accessories provided by Kirby’s Kloset at 3516 E.University, Odessa, TX

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