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15 Female Power Anthems to keep you Motivated – Part 1

Updated: May 26, 2020

Lizzo -Juice – Lizzo has been everywhere, so if this is your first listen to her,  you are in for a treat. Mixing mad vocals with rap and r&b styles and an occasional flute solo just for funzies; Lizzo’s music is a gut punch to the soul AND just what you need to get those juices flowing. No pun intended! Her music is self professed CHURCH WITH A TWERK.

Demi Lovato – Confident – After Sorry Not Sorry came out I decided to give Miss Demi another shot and I have to say I’m a big fan. This is such a great reminder to never apologize for your confidence. Which I still feel many of us dull so we don’t outshine another co-worker or even a boss. However, it’s ok to be strong, opinionated, driven, and passionate about our goals and dreams. And all that ties into being our most confident selves!!

Beyonce – Run the World (Girls) – I don’t even care if you are a Queen Bey fan or not; this song is so powerful!! At first listen it is just a great dance jam but then when you listen to the verses it just spills truth after truth!!! My favorite line ” How we’re smart enough to make these millions, Strong enough to bear the children, Then get back to business. See, you better not play me…” I also can not get enough of the dance sequences in this video!!

Ariana Grande – God is a Woman – This is one of those songs like Madonna’s ‘Like  A Virgin’; its a sexual positive song about the power of a woman. The video is pretty emblematic as well, reminding us that there will always be obstacles (glass ceilings, insults, and even our own doubts) but to never forget the bigger picture! We are POWERFUL!!!

Kelly Clarkson – People Like Us – I am a huge Kelly Clarkson fan. I’ve been with her since audition day on American Idol. So even though this song was written before the female empowerment movement became a “thing” ; the opening lines hold so much strength and power for me as a woman. “We come into this world unknown, But know that we are not alone, They try and knock us down, But change is coming, its our time now.”

Kesha- Praying – If you were not aware of the abuse that Kesha endured by one of her music producers and the trial and scandal that ensued, you missed out on a very pivotal moment in female music history. This was her first single back in the public eye and as you can hear she was a completely transformed person and artist. As someone who was date raped by a co-worker this song has helped me come to terms with my broken memories, all the people who didn’t believe me, but most importantly that I am not defined by someone else’s actions. So you might be wondering why this is on a power anthem playlist. Well it’s taking back the power that was momentarily taken away from me and her emotion helps personify my own reclaiming and for that…..there is no greater power anthem!

Cardi B – Bodak Yellow – I’m not entirely sure if I am a full on Cardi fan but this song is fire!!! It really is one of those songs that lets you know this is where I came from but this is how far I’ve come on my own.  I may not have had to be a stripper to financially support myself ( no judgement!) but I do know my dreams are bigger than where I am at currently and if Cardi can do it, I can do too!!! Plus, I really want some red bottoms of my own!!

Little Mix – Salute – As a mixed bag of solo artists who were formed during the UK version of X-Factor I find a lot of similarities to my beloved Spice Girls. They have similar girl power anthems and they have even broken records previously held by the Spice Girls. This song is calling all ladies together to basically rule the world. No matter what type of female you are: killer heels, sneakers, pumps, or lace up boots!!

Hailee Steinfeld – Love Myself – So at first listen I took this song at face value to love myself but the more I listened the more I realized this song is about masturbation!! How amazing and empowering is it that we can express ourselves so openly about “loving ourselves”. That to me is a for sure power anthem!

Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down – This song is to remind ourselves that there will be a ton of haters in our way and the more we accomplish and succeed the more haters we will have. Ain’t that the TRUTH!! So just tell them all that they need to calm down and you just KEEP MOVING FORWARD on those goals because we are all queens and have crowns of our own making.

Dua Lipa – IDGAF – So I am happily married, but this is such a great song, telling off an ex. Now, this doesn’t always have to be an ex-lover but anyone who comes back into your life after they start to see your successes wanting to be a part of the pie again. We ain’t got time for that nonsense anymore!!!

Chaka Khan – I’m Every Woman – A classic!!! There isn’t another song that so blatantly expresses and empowers our self worth as woman. This has to be on every power anthem playlist!

Janelle Monáe – Q.U.E.E.N feat. Erykah Badu – “I’m tired of Marvin asking me, What’s going on? March to the streets cause I’m willing and I’m able. Categorize me, I defy every label. And while your selling dope, we’re gonna keep selling hope. We rising up now, you gotta deal you gotta cope. Will you be electric sheep? Electric ladies, will you sleep? Or will you preach?” the last lines in this song, make it a MUST LISTEN, ya’ll.

Lion Babe – Wonder Woman – Vanessa Williams daughter is the front woman in this dynamic r&b duo. I absolutely love this music video and song, it gives me strong Erykah Badu vibes but also is very distinct to Lion Babe sounds. Just smooth, easy listening and yet eclectic at the same time; it’s just  interesting listening!!

Joan Jett – Bad Reputation – It is always a good reminder that ” well behaved women, seldom make history”. So have a bad reputation, do what you need to do to stay true to who you are. It’s your life and your in charge of your destiny!!




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